10 Signs You’re Freakin’ In Love

Got dumb or dumped? Oh, well. Who says love is a majestic feeling? Nope, not all the time. Love can bring out the freak in you. You’ll just realize you are awake in the middle of the night being dumbfounded, thinkin’ that love is just a beautiful lie. If only money can buy it, perhaps, you could be the poorest now.

But don’t get me wrong. My point really is that love can be so unfair. Everyone’s fanatic about love. But the fact is, love has it’s own secret weapon – a weapon to make people dumb with just a mere shot of it.

Been curious if you’re freakin’ in love? Here are the signs to help you realize you already have too much, and too much is already enough to knock it off.

1. Finding hard to shut off your eyes to sleep at night.

Thinking that someone whom you have feelings with, rather in love with, affects your sleeping habit. It’s because you can’t help yourself thinking about that person. Thus, you’ll find yourself hardly able to sleep than before.

You already close your eyes but your mind is still wandering while imagining things, or remembering those moments you had encountered with that person. It’s just the urge of your system, and you’ll find it difficult to resist because just by doing so, it gives you pleasure and hope at the same time. Hope that things might turn out well between you and that person. These things serve as stimulants to your brain that can affect more than that of caffeine in coffees.

2. Turning out yourself into a stalker.

In the middle of nowhere, between your heart and your brain, you’ll find yourself doing weird things you didn’t do before. The brain says, “Oops! You’re stalking!” But the heart, well, has its own way and most of the time, brains are the underdogs.

Because of the desire to know more, and not just more but all the things you need to know about that person you had such feelings with, you can’t help yourself resorting to stalking his past relationships, interests, hobbies and the likes. You get to browse anything about him on social media or even following him at times without him knowing.

3. Befriending his circle of friends.

Come to think of it. Whenever you get the chance, you’d really want to be a part of his circles. Oh come on, not to blabber about it but this happens when you really want to be closer to him, especially in such situation wherein you felt like he might not notice you, you’ll resort to this kind of tactic just to go a signal, ” Hey, I am here, didn’t you notice?”

Besides, you think that befriending his friends will give you the chance to know such person more.

4. Wanting to get his number, email address and/or FB account.

Of course, you really want to befriend such person and by doing so, you want to personally attach to him through communication. You’ll find it exciting and pleasurable whenever you get the chance to text, chat or even call him.

5. Can’t help daydreaming about him.

Have you notice that out of nowhere, he just pops up on your mind? And you’re compelled of dreaming about him. Your mind is wandering while smiling. The people around you may look at you crazily just because of that. Just so weird as that, but you’ll find it a sweet and invigorating habit.

6. Taking him as your inspiration.

“Great! You’ll have an inspiration now, huh!” Some people will just say this out of the blue. Maybe they find you blooming more than ever. And what motivates and inspires you to be that way? Well, simply, it’s that person whom you look forward to being with every day. In order for him to notice you, you’ll do all your best to be more beautiful than ever.

You even want to excel in some areas, like sports, academe, arts and the likes just to show him you are well deserved to have.

7. Getting butterflies in your belly.

Wondering why this happens every time he is near you? Science has an answer to this. Due to the strong excitement you feel whenever that person is around, your body releases adrenaline that causes the heart to beat faster, thereby, causing the stomach to feel like there are butterflies inside.

8. Losing appetite.

There are some cases wherein you won’t have the appetite to eat. This is due to, again, your strong emotion. Such hormone in the body affects your appetite to eat.

9. Bursting out your feelings to his face.

Have you ever had the urge to say such feeling to his face? Well, that’s mad, especially for girls. You feel like you cannot contain what you feel towards that person anymore so you’d better want to let him know. Because you don’t want false hopes and you really want to know if he feels the same way towards you, you take in that pride and say to him what you really feel.

If you’re madly in love, you wouldn’t have the second thoughts of saying it to his face. You want it that way so you could let go of your feelings you’ve been hiding for, may be, so long. It’s the moment of bursting out what you have really felt without thinking the consequence of whether you might be ashamed or not. For you, though his answer might hurt or not, for as long as you already confessed your feelings, at least you’re already freed from the burden you had felt.

10. Still hoping he would feel the same towards you.

Despite knowing the fact that he doesn’t feel the same towards you, you still hope that someday, somehow, there will be a chance for both of you to be happy in love. You refuse to accept the reality that he doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards you and still continue to hope despite the truth.

Such a mind-blogging reality. If you’re engulfed with this kind of feeling right now, loosen up. Someone deserves you and you deserve someone better. Life can sometimes be scary, but love can sometimes be much scarier.


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